MAS Supports National Heart Foundation Women with Heart and Style Lunch

MAS Supports Empowering Women to Fight Heart Disease

Being in the Commercial Refrigerated Vehicle industry, the connection between MAS and the Annual Women with Heart & Style Lunch isn’t immediately obvious. However, when we became aware of the event and the surprising statistics associated with women and heart disease, the MAS team felt inspired to do what we could to support such an important message.

We all have important women in our lives, our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends. We’re only too aware of the risks of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other diseases affecting women. However, we were completely unaware that heart disease is a leading killer of Australian Women., killing 3 times more women than breast cancer.

Fay Chiotis, Heart Foundation Ambassador and Advocate for Women’s Health

Supporting the Women with Heart & Style Lunch on 1 June is an important and very welcome opportunity for the MAS team to make a small contribution. Organised by Fay Chiotis, the annual event will be held at The Kyle Bay on the Georges River. It is both a key fundraising event in the Heart Foundation calendar as well as an opportunity to raise awareness about heart health in women. Fay Chiotis is an Ambassador for the Heart Foundation, and an advocate for women’s issues including breast health and domestic violence. She also supports several of Sydney’s hospitals including Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick. So, when Fay approached MAS to get involved we felt privileged to be able to contribute.

Women with Heart & Style Lunch for the Heart Foundation

The Women with Heart & Style Lunch, is primarily a forum to educate women on heart health and the importance of understanding your family history and of making healthier lifestyle choices. However, it’s also a fun, light-hearted afternoon where women can relax and share their experiences. From the donut wall, fashion show and giveaways, it is an opportunity for women to come together and talk about heart health in an informal, non-judgemental setting.It is an event that celebrates female empowerment. Former Getaway presenter and TV personality, Kelly Landry will be the MC for the event this year and special guest, Sophia Hallias, will be sharing her personal heart health experience.

If you’d like to find out more about the event visit the Heart Foundation website or join the Facebook Group for updates and more information on how to buy tickets.